Friday, March 27, 2009

even more amazing

This morning, I had a hard time getting my mind off the events of last night. I mean, it's pretty incredible to see something as big, and stable, and seemingly grounded and constant as a car all crazily perched on top of another car. "Awesome" as Char said in her interview with the the news station. "but not in a good way, more like a volcano exploding" Oh, I hope we get a copy of that interview- she was pretty funny. back to my point. So, I was distracted as I sat down to read God's word and pray this morning. I asked God to give me love for His Word, and He did!! As I finished reading I was even more blown away by the promises and truths God revealed to me than by the events of the night before. Glory to God.

I read Revelation 5...
John was weeping loudly because it looked like no one would be able to open the scroll (I am not sure, yet, what is written on this scroll) Then one of the elders told him...
There IS someone who can open the scroll! The Lion of Judah, the Root of David, the one who conquered, the One who was slain and whose blood ransomed people for God! Amazing! not just people, but people from EVERY tongue and tribe and nation! OH, how glorious and awesome is that?! And then all the elders and angels and creatures bowing down and worshiping Jesus! Its beyond words!

the night my car jumped on char's car

First, I have to assure you all- no one was hurt - the only person involved in this wreck was the hit and run driver who we assume was wasted, and he, or she, was ok enough to speed away. Knowing that, please be amazed with me at the scene that we woke up to at 1am last night.

Yeah, so apparently this person was driving a crown victoria, fast on the wrong side of the road, smashed into my car pushing it up on Char's car, then sped away. The students at Shaw who were awake heard it happen and then saw the car but not the plate number.

Obviously, we are so thankful that our empty cars were hit and not people or cars with people in them. Praise God for that! He is sovereign and good.

Goodbye cars! They were towed off to salvage land together.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

how to find a lost object

Seriously. I found this. Don't ask me how. I think I was looking for images for work (something about Mayan chocolate) and somehow ended up at this entertaining site. Enjoy.