Saturday, July 17, 2010

i am a student..

And this is what I am studying in my first class- an online class.

An examination of oppression along with social and political acts of resistance will provide an invaluable framework for (a) analyzing oppression in its present forms; (b) identifying themes and patterns in oppression and resistance throughout history; (c) understanding how power operates to foster, or to confront, oppression; and (d) acting with integrity to confront oppression.

It's amazing. I love the content. Sometimes I read about such incredible awful events- things that humans have done to other humans. And I want to throw up, or cry, or scream. I usually cry. It has been a good to remember that this is a fallen world. A very fallen, messed up world. But Jesus is coming back! He will make all things new and wipe away every tear and those who trust Jesus will worship God forever! There will be no more racism, no more poverty, no more slavery, no more abuse, no more death... amazing. I do long for heaven more as I read.