Monday, November 2, 2009


Alright friends, this is an old post that never got posted. just for fun.

I received a shipment a few weeks ago for an exhibit that is now open at the Museum of Natural Sciences where I work. The shipment consisted of two items. A large wooden crate, and a medium sized cardboard box. Inside the box... was poop. No kidding. As I sifted through the bubble wrap, new, offensive organic smells gave me assurance of the contents and reason to question their containment. I pulled out ziplock baggies of dried arctic animal scat. That's what scientists call it so they don't have to use the word "poop". Speaking of poop and scat- how many words do we have for poop?? now I don't want to offend anyone here, but this could turn into a really fun blog post. I am still not sure if anyone reads my blog, but if you do, please list your favorite poop word. Mine, obviously is "poop". When talking about the actual thing. If I just dropped something, I prefer "crap". Ok, back to the box. I found dall sheep poop, wolf poop, ptarmigan poop (its a bird), caribou poop (smaller than you would think), and grizzly bear poop- thats right, bear poop. big and smelly. Of course, the wolf poop looked a lot like the sample of caribou fur that came in the same box. And there was a stuffed squirrel from 1956. He smelled worse than the poop.