Friday, May 30, 2008

Job excitement

Wow! How good is God!? I got a call today from the Museum of Natural Sciences, and they want to hire me! I said yes. :) I am super excited and thankful that God has given me such an exciting job. So many things about it are really great. I get to do exhibit design. I can walk to work, or bike. I get to learn science things, and design about them. And I get to design. I work for the state, so I get great benefits. Wow. I only applied to one job, and this is it- AND God provided a temporary job while I waited for this job that was also exhibit design! I am so thankful. oh.. it gets better...
So, the first project I will be working on is helping to get ready for the the Dead Sea Scrolls! What? I get to help set up the copies of scripture that the early Church read!! How amazing is that. I was not so sure about the job a week ago, so I was praying that God would just make it clear to me what I should do if they offered it. And He did. He gave me such and excitement about the job.

Thanks for reading and sharing my joy. Glory to God.