Monday, March 17, 2008

Target Mouse (a poem)

I bought a mouse at Target
The mouse with a belly to hold my hand
ergonomic and healthy, it passed the test
the price was right, cheaper than the rest
I brought the mouse home, shining with pride
I wrestled with the package and almost died
finally free of the plastic cage, I saw the truth
this mouse was not for me and my apple
the pc connection was not a USB
Target mouse laughed and mocked me
Mara, 3.12.08

returns at target can be hard
they tend to frustrate and annoy
but if you have your receipt or debit/credit card
the whole process is a joy

an open package will be no worry
if it didn't work out that's fine
we can fix you right up in a hurry
unless, of course, there's a line!
Corrinna, 3.12.08

today a new mouse came home with me
It boasts the desired USB
target team members were on the ball
we made the exchange in no time at all
Mara 3.13.08

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


God is so gracious and merciful to pull me out of my rebellion. In processing I have realized a fear of failure. Oh I hope that all of this causes you readers and me to love God more. May this bring Him glory! He is the one who sustains us and holds us together. Physically, emotionally, mentally- in everything.
So, this week I have a structured plan of praying, reading, seeking advice and listening. The goal is to figure out a plan. My plan to find a plan. It is a luxury to not have to go crazily searching for a job right away. I am so thankful.