Monday, October 27, 2008

I love politics

(right from the start, lets clarify that the title is all sarcasm)
Although, I have been more encouraged recently and despairing less after reading a good article and listening to a good sermon. They both helped me know how to approach the election.

To summarize: we should not panic about not having the perfect presidential candidate, but we should pray for both to be good leaders AND love Jesus! And we should pray that babies do not get aborted AND that the poor are taken care of. And we should not base our joy on the person we think would make the best president being elected, neither should we despair if the other guy gets elected. God is God and He is sovereign weather the world falls apart or holds toegether! How great is that!? God's ordains good and bad leaders and none of them are saviors. Jesus is our Savior.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


much requested photos of the latest hair.
description: curly immature dreadlocks. and my friend Josey :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

friday night fun

A co-worker asked me today if I was going out tonight. "No... I am babysitting" This may have sounded lame to her, especially since I am single and live downtown and way beyond babysitting age. But I was actually just as excited about this friday night as I have been about many fun parties and First Fridays downtown. It's because I got to be with some of my favorite kids. here is a link to the Cordell's blog. You can't tell how fun they are from looking, but just imagine. :) Read their adoption story! It's beautiful.

So after the boys were in bed I was playing with Mercy downstairs. I decided I should sing with her. She is one of my Sunday School kids who never comes (she naps instead) so I try to make up for it when I see her. So we sang Jesus Loves Me. I mean, of course I sang it. But the fun part was the look on her face. She stopped squirming and reaching for my hair and sat still for the whole song. And at first I thought she was contemplating the theological signifigance of being loved by the King of the universe. (I pray she will one day) Then I thought maybe that was a look of confusion and dissapointment at the sound of my voice compared to her mommy's, (she really looked at me like "are you singing to me? you're kidding" :) Either way, she heard truth and we had fun together.

Monday, October 6, 2008

update on the hair

I do think its time for a light-hearted and shallow entry about my hair. I feel somewhat vain writing about this, and I think sometimes i am. you can pray for me about that. But I think it will make some of you smile to hear this story.

One of my tasks at work is to take temperature and humidity readings from the scroll cases, and the organics cases. You see, the scrolls and organics must be at a specific temperature and humidity or else they will start to fall apart and Israel will come and take them away from us. So, we have to take readings and send them to the people in Israel once a week so they know that everything is ok. Its kind of fun to take the readings because I get to leave my little office in the corner of the basement, walk by the waterfall and I get to see the scolls. So, monday I was dutifully and diligently performing this task. I had finished in the quiet, mystical, scroll room and was onto the next room. I passed a group of teenagers sitting on a bench. about 3 girls and one boy, all african american(this is relevant). Obviously a high school group that was not really interested in the exhibit. They were talking loudly and, about my hair! I smiled to myself and finished downloading the data from a case. One girl called me over. "Can I see your hair?" I walked over to them. "How does a white girl get dreadlocks?" "I mean how did you get those?" Before I could answer her friend in a voice of equal decibles scolded her "You don't know she's white! make sure shes white!" Girl 1 looked back at me "you're white, right?" The docent was trying to hush the kids (usually at this point in the exhibit people are soaking in as much information as they can and quietly waiting their turn to enter the sacred scroll room, but i guess that is beacuse most groups that visit the exhibit weekdays at lunchtime are elderly women from Baptist churches in rural north carolina towns) but she was amused too and was very kind about it. I tried to help "shhhhh... yes, I'm white" (not sure if I ever had to clarify that before) "how did you get dreads? did you go to an african beauty salon?" I remembed the hours of backcombing and saltwater at the cabin- definately not. "no, my sisters did it for me." Girl 1: "Oh" "I didn't know white people could get dreads" Me: "I'm trying, it's hard" Girl 1: "well, I like it" I was touched. I always am, becuse this stage of dreadlocks is hard, some days I want to give up. We chatted some more before I moved onto the next room. It was swarming with teenagers zooming through the exhibit. (Most people take 1-2 hours to get through it, and it was only 20 minutes after the exhibit had opened and they were already near the end). I checked some cases, then crossed the room and found another kid looking at my hair (this one was white). Maybe he heard the conversation in the other room. with a sincere and serious look on his face he said "those dreads are beautiful" I assumed he was not mocking and thanked him for the compliment. laughing inside and planning to blog about my trip to exhibit.